Georgetown Streetscape

BL Companies assisted the Town of Redding to create a cohesive pedestrian-friendly environment and gateways to emphasize the Downtown and pedestrian crossings.  BL Companies provided master planning, design and construction administration/inspection services for the redevelopment of the Historic Mill Town Center.

The firm recognized the need to develop planning guidelines and provided the needed space for streetscape and parking along Main Street.  Streetscape elements were also developed along Routes 107 and Route 57 and incorporated within part of the village.  The design included streetscape, parking and underground utilities.  A streetscape with specialty paving, street furnishings and lighting, parallel parking, planted medians, crosswalks and sidewalks was also included in the plan.

BL Companies provided full-time construction engineering and inspection on the project in accordance with Connecticut Department of Transportation policies, procedures, guidelines and documentation requirements including material testing and certification.


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