Environmental Services

Our team of licensed environmental professionals, natural resource scientists, soil scientists, and cultural resource professionals are committed to delivering quality services and providing innovative solutions that meet our clients schedules. We do this by utilizing our comprehensive knowledge and ingenuity to traverse the ever-changing regulatory requirements efficiently.

Regardless of the size and scope of our clients’ projects, our collaboration and creativity makes us a single point of contact for complete environmental services which are not generally found together under one roof.

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BL Companies Delivers a Complete Range of Environmental Services, Specializing in:

  • Site Assessment and Remediation
    • Site Remediation & Closure
    • Brownfields Redevelopment
    • Hazardous Building Materials Inspection
    • Environmental Compliance Audits
    • Environmental Permitting & Compliance
    • Phase I, II & III Environmental Site Assessments
    • UST/AST Compliance
    • Geophysical Investigations
    • Water Quality Testing


  • Cultural Resource Management
    • Consultation Under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act
    • Archaeological Surveys & Investigations
    • Historic Architectural Resources Surveys
    • Tribal Consultation
    • Geomorphology Studies
    • Cultural Resource Desktop Review
  • Environmental Resources Management and Permitting
    • State and Federal Wetland Identification & Delineation
    • Jurisdictional Determinations
    • Local, State & Federal Permitting
    • Ecological & Habitat Evaluations & Restoration
    • Threatened & Endangered Species Coordination & Studies
    • Wetland Mitigation Design, Construction Oversight & Monitoring
    • Stormwater Management
    • National & State Level Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Compliance
    • Expert Testimony


  • Water Supply Management and Permitting
    • Water Supply Development and Aquifer Testing
    • Water Quality Testing and Monitoring
    • Water Diversion Permits
    • Wastewater Discharge Permits

Each client, project, and build site are different, and so are the hand-picked teams of professionals we assign to every project. Based on the specific considerations of each project, we assemble a group of employees from various environmental disciplines to collaborate and tackle the needs our clients have. We believe that our unmatched levels of teamwork enables us to deliver solutions which are unmatched in their quality, cost-effectiveness, and practicality.

Environmental Services Contact:
Brad Wolf, Executive Director, Environmental Services

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