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How BL Made it PossiBLe: Valania Park | Allentown, PA

Jul 24, 2023

Valania Park was built almost 50 years ago, and the City of Allentown recognized the need to revitalize the park to bring a new green space and outdoor living to the community. BL Companies joined design consultants SALT Design Studio to create a comprehensive and sustainable design that included a new park pavilion with lavatories and storage space, a splash pad, site lighting, new pathways and seating areas, native landscaping and the park’s new focal point, a unique basketball bleacher/grandstand.

Collaboratively, this team revitalized a well-loved, heavily used neighborhood park for this ever-expanding City. Valania Park has been the heart of the community and BL Companies took on this revitalization project and made it possiBLe with the successful execution of our conceptual design and planning and our civil engineering and landscape architecture services.

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