Community Facilities Capabilities Municipal Design and Planning for Sustainable Solutions

At BL Companies, we recognize that all neighborhoods are constantly changing and evolving, and every community must find ways to ensure that their growth and development can be sustained through thoughtful guidance and innovative practices. We specialize in providing experienced, conscientious community development services to private clients and municipalities throughout the country to help create sustainable solutions for the future of our spaces.

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Our Community Facilities Experience and Expertise Includes:

  • Senior and Community Centers
  • Public Works Facilities
  • Libraries and Media Centers
  • Trails and Multi-Use Paths
  • Parks and Recreation Facilities
  • Greenways
  • River and Waterfront Access Facilities
  • LEED and Sustainable Design

Our creative design solutions for community development initiatives are designed to maintain the integrity of the past while moving into the future. We create vibrant, energetic, and lasting downtown environments and neighborhood developments that reflect the character of the local residents and traditions. Beginning by developing a precise understanding of the client’s goals, we then assemble a custom-tailored team of specialists who will bring each project to a successful completion, positioning each unique community for future growth.

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