How BL Makes it PossiBLe: ESOP Edition

Jessica Fasi | October 25, 2023

Being an ESOP has been a key component of BL’s identity, which has had a great impact on our culture because we feel more invested in the success of BL Companies. There is a better sense of community and morale throughout the company, as well as higher levels of productivity and motivation.

October is Employee Ownership Month – a month-long celebration of the undeniable benefits employee ownership provides to employees, companies, and local communities. It’s a celebration of the spirit of employee ownership and truly embodies our culture here at BL.

ESOP culture helps create a strong connection amongst us all – sharing successes, as well as overcoming obstacles, and doing it together. Since becoming an employee-owned company in 2006, our ESOP Communications and Leadership teams plan exciting events all year long to make our company culture possiBLe!

How have we celebrated throughout the years? From BBQs and coffee breaks to themed dress-up days and fun care packages, we thank our employee owners across all our offices for making a difference! This year’s celebration has launched and is out-of-this world!

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