Celebrating Employee Ownership

Jessica Fasi | October 25, 2023

Collage of employees celebrating ESOP Month.

It’s October, which means it’s BL’s favorite time of the year – ESOP Month! ESOP Month is a very important time at BL, so we wanted to share what it’s all about, why we celebrate, and how it benefits our clients.

What is ESOP Month? Each October, the ESOP Association and employee-owned companies like BL celebrate being an ESOP. BL uses this month to continue to promote our ownership culture, help strengthen relationships within the company, and increase awareness about our ESOP. All our team members work hard to make BL a great place to work and ESOP Month is a chance to celebrate.

At BL, ESOP Month is a month-long celebration full of team building, rewards, and education all culminating in a big, company-wide raffle.

Why does BL celebrate ESOP Month? At BL, we like to use ESOP Month to celebrate the engagement of our employee owners throughout the year. It’s a chance to unwind and have some fun, while providing a great opportunity to build relationships with colleagues outside of their usual teams or offices. Especially now that many employees are either fully remote or hybrid, we find ESOP Month is a great chance for people to connect with each other.

How does ESOP Month benefit clients? Because we have engaged employee owners who have strong relationships internally, we can better serve our clients. The new or strengthened relationships that come out of ESOP Month mean we work better together, can share resources more easily, and can successfully mix up teams to best serve clients. Plus, ESOP Month is fun and makes our employee owners happy – and happy employees are more productive and responsive.

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