Employee Ownership at BL Companies Fostering Pride, Teamwork, and Growth

BL Companies became 100% employee owned in 2011, giving us a competitive edge and a unique distinction from most other companies. We have a strong belief in the value of our employees, and we know that our employee-ownership model helps encourage everyone on our staff to work together to reach their full potential.

In addition to boosting our employee retention and fostering a pervasive sense of pride among our staff, our ESOP gives everyone at BL Companies the opportunity to increase their own financial success directly through hard work and collaboration. As success increases the value of our company, the benefits are then passed back to our employee owners in the form of higher stock values.

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The Mission of Our ESOP

BL Companies enacted our Employee Stock Ownership Plan to promote an inclusive and interactive workplace. By educating our colleagues on our rights and responsibilities as employee owners, the ESOP encourages pride in the impact that each of us has on our product and profession.

“Our leadership team shares a strong belief in the value of employees, and owning our own company was a natural extension of this desire. As owners, employees benefit directly as their hard work increases the value of the company. The company also benefits from the efforts of employees, and those benefits go back to all owners—the employees themselves.”
—Carolyn Stanworth, President and CEO of BL Companies

To empower our employee-owners further, participation on committees plays an important role at BL, as committee members handle the navigation of company-wide issues such as healthcare, safety, 401k, ESOP communications, training, and services. We all understand that everything we do at BL Companies directly impacts our business and our bottom line, so we care about each other as people, as colleagues, and as fellow employee-owners.

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