Veterans’ Cemetery Expansion & Improvements

BL Companies, working with the Connecticut Department of Administrative Services, Division of Construction Services and the Connecticut Department of Veterans’ Affairs, has designed an expansion and renovation project for the State of Connecticut Veterans’ Cemetery in Middletown, CT. The Cemetery Expansion and Improvements Project improved the internal road system and expand the parking area in order to allow the cemetery to comfortably handle the burial needs of its veterans for decades to come.

The scope of the project included correcting pavement and storm drainage issues as well as providing approximately 3,200 lf of new driveways to provide better visitor and maintenance access to the cemetery plots. Building code and accessibility issues were corrected at the administration building to improve accessibility, add restrooms and provide an information and burial plot location kiosk for use by visitors.

Finally, the project included the design and construction administration of a 3,000 niche columbarium expansion to house the urns of our fallen veterans. The design of this important site element includes a visitor parking area, rain garden, handicapped accessible routes and memorial plaza walk as well as a vegetated earthen berm to buffer the site from the residential area to the west.

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