Saint Barbara Greek Orthodox Church

Saint Barbara Greek Orthodox Church was founded in 1919. BL Companies provided a master plan for this campus as well as the design of a social hall addition and renovations to the church. A gymnasium facility has also been designed for the campus. The master planning process began with assessing the campus needs. Various groups were interviewed to understand their short tern and long-term requirements. These requirements were quantified and groups were located in existing and planned facilities for the campus. Pedestrian circulation was studied and planned, with particular attention to developing gathering places on the campus. Specifically, the agora at the center of campus is designed for use during outdoor gatherings and traditional Greek dance routines.

The social hall, which seats 350 people, includes a stage as well as a full commercial kitchen that was designed for the preparation of traditional Greek pastries and other foods. Classroom facilities were added below the church, as well as smaller meeting rooms and bookstore. The gymnasium facility was designed to accommodate intramural sports activities on campus. It will include a gymnasium, lockers, weight room and club house space.

All the new buildings have been designed to be harmonious with the traditional architecture of the church and at a scale consistent with the campus environment.

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