Roadway and Intersection Improvements on West Main Street (Route 71)

BL Companies provided survey and design services for the City of Meriden for a roadway and intersection improvement project involving 1,100 feet along West Main Street (Route 71) and approximately 400 feet along Lewis and Linsley Avenues. West Main Street is classified as an urban principal arterial roadway, while Lewis and Linsley Avenues are classified as local urban collector roadways. The intersection provides a common link between downtown Meriden and the Westfield Shopping Center. The West Main Street corridor is a highly congested area located in a mixed-use (commercial and residential) neighborhood with minimal on-street and off-street parking. This corridor also has an undersized drainage system and deteriorating sidewalks. The project mainly consists of minor roadway widening and sidewalk improvements which include the following: reconstruction of existing concrete sidewalk, installation of new concrete curbing, traffic signal, pavement widening with full-depth bituminous concrete pavement and a bituminous concrete pavement overlay. Improvements to the existing storm drainage system were also performed, including new catch basins and upgraded storm sewer pipes.

Street widening in this urban setting proved to be quite challenging. In order to achieve the proposed grades, careful consideration was given to the existing buildings that abut the sidewalk. Providing streetscape features while maintaining the existing elevations along the building frontages was a crucial element of the project. Several utilities were also relocated including the relocation of existing utility poles and light standards, and water and sanitary sewer connections. The landscaping design for this project included a 6,000 square foot “pocket park” with decorative benches, plantings and trash receptacles, as well as the installation of ornamental street trees.

Other responsibilities included coordination with the Connecticut Department of Transportation, utility coordination, preparation of contract drawings and technical specifications.

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