On-Call Engineering Services, Town of Hamden

BL Companies has been providing engineering and related services under an on-call engineering contract with the Town of Hamden. The Town utilizes BL Companies when projects cannot be completed by Town staff due to time, staff, or other resource constraints or when outside expertise is required.

A variety of design functions requested by the Town on this contract include complete professional engineering, land surveying, planning, environmental science, landscape architecture, traffic analysis and reports and other related professional services to assist the Town with the planning, design and construction of various projects. Engineering services on this contract may include civil (including highway, water resources, environmental, structural, and geotechnical), mechanical, and electrical engineering.

Under this on-call contract, BL Companies has completed bridge design services for the replacement of the Todd Street Bridge, replacement of the Johnson Road Bridge, replacement of the Hillside Road Bridge, environmental permitting and engineering support for the replacement of the Tuttle Avenue Bridge, provided full in-depth bridge inspection services on 42 bridges, provided repairs and renovations to the roof and interior of the Town Central Vehicle Maintenance Facility, and provided construction documents for the re-roofing at the Miller Library for the Town of Hamden.

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