On-Call Architecture And Engineering Services

Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) is a public benefit corporation that manages Roosevelt Island in New York City. RIOC has a 5-year Capital Management Plan with a budget of $50 million. BL Companies was awarded a multi-year contract to provide a comprehensive range of architectural, engineering, and related services, with the option to renew for two additional one-year terms. We have provided design services for the redesign and expansion of 12,000 SF of multilevel headquarters for public safety at Roosevelt Island. The scope of work included storefront redesign, which will serve as the façade generator for the streetscape along Main Street. Other projects include a prefabricated comfort station unit in the park. BL Companies performed a land survey, including Subsurface Utility Survey, in order to ensure that existing utility lines were proximate for tapping, and that no utilities would be unexpectedly encountered during construction.

BL Companies also performed a full inspection, design and replacement of the 9,000 SF roof at 504 Main Street. The scope of work included a due diligence report and full construction documents. Currently BL Companies also designed a temporary economical metal siding system to replace masonry removed due to safety concerns.

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