North Yard

The North Yard is comprised of two parcels of land, approximately 36 acres in size, and is located adjacent to the Quinnipiac River. This New Haven, Connecticut, site was an under-utilized abandoned industrial waterfront facility. The on-site warehouse has been renovated and is now fully leased to commercial/industrial tenants who benefit from the site’s location adjacent to Interstate I-95 and New Haven Harbor.

BL Companies conducted extensive investigations to identify areas of concern, to include the preparation and implementation of a Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection approved Remedial Action Plan (RAP) and the design a conceptual site model. Remediation of soil contamination has been achieved through excavation and disposal of petroleum-impacted soil and through capping the rest of the site with two-fee of clean fill and pavement. Post-remediation groundwater monitoring is on-going.

BL Companies land surveying group supported the environmental remediation activities. Specific surveying assignments included the preparation of a property and topographic survey to determine extents of the parcel ownership. Because of the remediation, contaminated fill was excavated and new material was brought in. Extensive volume computations to support the site’s earthwork were performed over a period of several years. In addition, a series of record as-built plans were prepared to document the intermediate conditions during site excavation.

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