Local Road Accident Reduction Program, CTDOT

This Federal Aid program is intended to address safety problems on local roads off the Federal Aid highway system. Upon availability of funds, the regional planning agencies (RPA) solicit project proposals from municipalities. They then rank projects within the region and the top ranked ones are submitted to the Connecticut Department of Transportation (“CTDOT”) for evaluation.

CTDOT then selects a limited number of viable projects based on a cost-benefit analysis, after reviewing the accident history, and based on available funds.

BL Companies provided administration, liaison and engineering review services to CTDOT through the Task Based Engineering contract on the projects submitted by the regional planning agencies for consideration in the program. Work consisted of a field review, evaluation of the project scope and feasibility, municipal coordination and meetings, transportation engineering review, traffic and accident review, identification of key issues such as environmental permits required and right of way needs, preparation of an independent cost estimate and a report of findings.

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