Little Bay Bridge

BL Companies was contracted to address concerns regarding the relocation of a 1,500-foot segment of an existing interstate gas transmission line, currently suspended below the Little Bay Bridge (Route 16/Spaulding Turnpike) between the communities of Newington and Dover, New Hampshire. According to the New Hampshire Division of Historic Resources (NHDHR), the proposed relocation would fall within an area designated as having the potential for archaeological sensitivity. The existing Little Bay Bridge is located parallel to the General John Sullivan Bridge, which currently serves as a pedestrian/bicycle crossing.

BL Companies conducted a Phase IA Archaeological Sensitivity Assessment and Visual Effects Assessment that included a review of previous archaeological investigations, archaeological sites and historic architectural sites recorded at the New Hampshire State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), and a pedestrian reconnaissance of the area of potential effect (APE). Based on the assessment results, no further archaeological investigation was warranted for the relocation project. Although the General John Sullivan Bridge was previously determined eligible for listing on the NRHP, the visual effect created by the proposed pipeline relocation under the Little Bay Channel would have no effect on the NRHP eligible resource.

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