Landmark Square

BL Companies provided full design services and construction documents for Landmark Square, a new two-story mixed use development on the northwest corner of Main Street and Union Street in Middletown, CT. The 32,689 square-foot facility includes a 4,675 square-foot restaurant and 11,085 square feet of second floor office space, with off-street parking for 110 cars. Landmark Square is designed to fit naturally in the historic context of Middletown’s Main Street, and incorporated the relocation of the existing Rite Aid Pharmacy located on the same block. The building’s design reinforces the human scale and walkability of Main Street while providing a strong architectural statement at the northeast corner of Union Street. Book ended pavilions at either end of the Main Street façade break down the scale while providing appropriate entries for the two retail tenancies.  While the strong design rounds the corner on Union Street, it also continued eastward along the new pedestrian connection to the parking at the rear. This rich north façade, unusual for an urban building, provided an elegant visual backdrop for the southbound traveler.

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