Improvements To Route 1 At Branford Connector (Exit 53)

BL Companies was commissioned by the Town of Branford to improve traffic conditions along Route 1 in the vicinity of the Branford Connector (SR 794), Commercial Parkway and Route 146 (Main Street) and to present a viable roadway improvement scheme. This section of Route 1 provides access to Interstate 95 and functions as a diversionary route for travelers during peak hours of I-95 congestion and emergencies. Existing traffic operations are inefficient due to closely spaced intersections and a combination of relatively heavy traffic along Route 1 and the Branford Connector, Commercial Parkway, and Route 146 approaches.

BL Companies prepared a Conceptual Design Report and Conceptual Roadway Improvement Plan presenting an improvement scheme in order to address this critical situation. The proposed plan will provide a definitive benefit to the motoring public. Inefficient traffic operations will be alleviated and access to I-95 during normal peak traffic periods and during diversionary routing of Interstate traffic to Route 1 will be improved. In addition, the proposed plan presents an opportunity for CTDOT to complete a critical link between three existing roadway improvement projects.

To date, BL Companies has prepared conceptual site plans for the Branford Connector and Commercial Parkway areas, which would allow for the development of approximately 450,000 SF of new retail and commercial uses. Addressing the inefficiencies along this heavily traveled corridor has the potential to provide for future development opportunities within this area.

Since the early 1990s, BL Companies has been involved in various land development projects in the Town of Branford, particularly along Route 1, and has a unique familiarly with Town policies and procedures, and a strong understanding of the site opportunities and constraints.

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