Hoyts Cinema

Regal Cinemas, formerly Hoyts Cinemas, have become one of the leading entertainment corporations in the world. To continue this far-reaching success, Hoyts embarked on an expansion program in the Northeast and Mid Atlantic regions. BL Companies, working closely with Hoyts’ real estate and construction departments, has provided extensive services in all aspects of site planning, permitting, and design for the cinemas. From initial site feasibility, through site planning, development permitting, construction, and delivery, the firm provides the technical support and project management services necessary for Hoyts to properly manage its development pursuits.

Most Hoyts cinemas feature between 10 and 24 screens have both self-serve and full-serve concession stands. The newest prototypes include a small café. The multiplexes are not only built on independent sites, but also in strip centers and shopping malls.

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