Dunkin Brands

Dunkin’ Donuts is an international donut and coffee retailer founded nearly 60 years ago. The company continues to expand new freestanding and in-line stores and renovate its existing facilities.

As Dunkin’ Brands’ preferred design consultant, BL Companies has regularly provided due diligence and design development services related to new construction, redevelopment and expansion throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. BL Companies has gained a thorough understanding of Dunkin’ Brands’ program needs and has implemented the program within the specific regulations that apply to the locales of its projects.

BL Companies provides a full range of services including land surveying, construction stakeout, site planning and design, traffic engineering, environmental sciences, permitting and construction assistance. Additionally, BL Companies has provided construction stakeout for projects in various locations throughout the region and layout for some new stores or store expansions.

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