CT DOT Tasked-Based Environmental Compliance Services

BL Companies is currently under contract with the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) to provide Task-Based Environmental Compliance Services (Soil and Groundwater) for a minimum 3-year period. On-call environmental services are provided during the planning, permitting and execution of transportation improvement projects, including, but not limited to, design and construction of existing roadway improvements, design and construction of new roadways, bridge rehabilitation and rail corridor improvements. In addition, we apply our knowledge of regulatory compliance at existing CTDOT facilities and infrastructure with ongoing environmental obligations.

BL Companies currently provides the following design, construction, and compliance-related environmental services under the Task-Based Environmental Compliance contract: Corridor Studies (Task 110), Preliminary Site Evaluation and Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (Task120), Phase II and III Subsurface Site Investigations (Tasks 210 and 220), Water Quality Monitoring (Task 240 and 241), Soil and Ground Water Remediation System monitoring and maintenance (Task 242), preparation of Environmental Plans and Specifications (Task 310), management and inspection of construction-related controlled materials and remediation projects (Tasks 610/611 and 620/621), and regulatory compliance (Task 910). 

Current ongoing task-based projects include: two Amtrak improvement sites, six Metro-North Railroad Substations, three CTDOT facility construction sites, seven bridge construction and roadway improvement sites, and eight CTDOT facility groundwater quality evaluation sites.

We utilize our significant knowledge and understanding of State and Federal regulations and programs, including, but not limited to the Connecticut Remediation Standard Regulations, the Connecticut Transfer Act, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and the Toxic Substances Control Act, to successfully address environmental compliance obligations at CTDOT projects and facilities.

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