Bumps River Bridge Rehabilitation

BL Companies is providing design and construction support services for the rehabilitation of the Bumps River Bridge in the Village of Osterville, Barnstable, MA. The bridge traverses the Bumps River inlet on South Main Street in Osterville. Barnstable, MA, is a commercial and transportation center for Cape Cod and the bridge is a well-traveled thoroughfare. The Bumps River Bridge was originally constructed in 1957. After more than a half-century of usage, the bridge deck and timber pilings have begun to deteriorate and are in need of repair.

Because of significant experience and expertise in bridge rehabilitation and transportation projects for state and municipal clients throughout the Northeast, including numerous projects within coastal zones or tidally-influences areas, BL Companies was chosen to provide the design and support services required to rehabilitate the bridge.

BL Companies’ team of multiple-disciplined, senior licensed professionals is currently developing a detailed evaluation of the bridge, performing a load rating analysis, and conducting site inspections to identify and prioritize areas of deterioration for the development of the structure rehabilitation study. The study will summarize the findings and also provide preliminary engineering structural rehabilitation alternatives and cost projections. To strengthen the bridge’s structural capacity and extend its longevity, BL Companies is utilizing reinforced fiber polymer and either epoxy or concrete to encapsulate deteriorating timber piles from the seabed to above the tidal zone; installing a new bridge expansion joint sized to better meet thermal expansion and contraction requirements; and reinforcing concrete bents as well as the bituminous concrete deck surface.

BL Companies is also providing roadway design, including the incorporation of context sensitive solutions; determining hydraulic requirements; streamlining environmental permitting; and conducting construction staging and traffic management planning methodologies as part of the overall project development.

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