Bridgeport Downtown Intermodal Urban Design Enhancements

BL Companies provided design services to the City of Bridgeport to create a cohesive pedestrian friendly environment with visual gateways to emphasize their downtown center and intermodal hub along Water Street. A focus on improved transit function and connectivity to the downtown area were part of the overarching proposed improvements. BL Companies provided planning and design services for streetscape enhancements, creatived lighting systems, and themed wayfinding signage from Main Street to Water Street. The project limits cover several City blocks and enhancements are located at key node areas to provide pedestrian and vehicular visual interest the City desires for its residents, business owners, commuters, and visitors.

The construction budget for the project is approximately $3.8 million and funded through the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). The design included the recapturing of the riverfront by providing lighting and walkway connections, decorative crosswalks and intersection treatments, a combination of traditional and creative lighting, unified wayfinding signage system, and landscaping treatments. Other enhancements included intersection and median improvements, on-street parking modifications, drainage and utilities improvements, site furnishings, specialty pavements, and landscaped planters.

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