BL Companies provides integrated services including — architecture, engineering, environmental sciences, land surveying, landscape architecture, planning, transportation engineering, structural engineering, MEP engineering and subsurface utility engineering — to clients in Connecticut, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania and throughout New England. The diversity of our services, projects, corporate atmosphere and seven locations help us offer and maintain a high quality degree of service and passion for our projects.

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BL Companies became an employee-owned company in 2006 with the establishment of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). The way we work, individually and together, has the opportunity to enhance the value of BL Companies. Employee owners of BL Companies have the opportunity to be financially successful based on our own hard work and that of our colleagues. Every employee has a stake in what we do and how we do it! Naturally, that’s reflected in our work as a company and with clients.

Being an employee-owned company is a unique distinction from most other companies.

Says Carolyn Stanworth, President and CEO, BL Companies, "Our leadership team shares a strong belief in the value of employees; owning our own company was a natural extension of this desire. As owners, employees benefit directly as their hard work increases the value of the company. The company also benefits from the efforts of employees, and those benefits go back to all owners — the employees themselves."

BL Companies ESOP Mission:
To promote an inclusive and interactive workplace by educating our colleagues on our rights and responsibilities as employee owners, and encouraging pride in the impact each of us has on our product and profession.